Effective starting this week 6/21/21, our patrons will be allowed to enter the spa without a mask.
***However it is still recommended by the CDC that those that are unvaccinated wear a mask and remain six feet apart****
For the time being, all of our team members will continue to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status.
We will continue to update our wonderful clients regarding this and any other important announcements through our social media and our website
Thank you to all for being patient with us during this time.

Be kind to others and yourself friends!

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              COVID UPDATE ⇒

Sorella is happy to now offer massage packages in 3, 6 or 12 session options!

A savings bundle paid in advance that allows you to customize either  60 min or 90 min sessions and a guarantee of relaxation. When you purchase a package, you will be entitled to $5 off  an enhancement the day of your massage such as aromatherapy, salt stone, scalp massage and more. Call today to purchase this amazing deal!

Visit for more information on this great deal!

June Promotions

Once upon a time, the spa was considered a place where women went to be pampered...not anymore! Tables have turned and the men are now embracing the services we offer. With Father’s Day only a couple of weeks away we have created some amazing ideas to help the men in your life prepare for those long, hot summer days of weeding and mowing the lawn.

Treat him to one of our newest services offered at Sorella...our
Ionic foot bath! It is recommended that you begin with a total of 6 sessions over a 3–5 week period to maximize detoxification. After these initial sessions, you can switch to monthly sessions.
6 sessions $150 ($30 savings)

Enjoy a full 1 hour massage accompanied with a customized express facial treatment (30 min), simultaneously! For more information, give us a call!
$95 session (Valued $120)

June Inspiration


I love this saying mainly because it is so darn true! If you keep moving and don't give up, no matter how far the finish line is, you will make it to the end!! Now this holds true in all stages of our lives, not just fitness, but happiness, love, healthiness, success, raising a family...every aspect of our lives. It may be hard and overwhelming but if you stick to it and push forward you will reach your goal, your dream, the love of your life, your dream job. We want to inspire all of you this glorious month of June to get up and go start your journey to what you want to accomplish. Don’t be stuck on the couch wishing things were different or you were in a better situation financially or you had more love in your love life or had a better education...MAKE IT HAPPEN! If you are stuck on what to do and want help...we have some creative ideas that can help. Call us!

We Are Looking For:
Compassionate, caring individuals to help bring
wellness and beauty to our community

**A part time Wellness Professional to rent a room -pricing per month $300
(acupuncture, physical therapy, health coach, life coach, etc.)
**Hair Stylist: Booth rental or commission


**NYS Licensed Nail Technician/Artist to rent a space:
experience in acrylics and ANC,
must have clientele to bring with room to grow!

Contact us today for more information or to set up an interview and join an awesome team!

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