Sorella Family

Owner, Kimberly Krizan

I am a mom, wife and rock star entrepreneur with a really cool job! As the proud owner of Sorella Spa & Wellness, I get to help people relax, believe in their inner beauty and get on or stay on a path to a healthier, beautiful life. I love my husband, my daughter, dog and cat, all things related to music and singing, three-day weekends, high-heels, (even though I may not wear them every day) reading and the beach (because the ocean fixes everything). I believe hand written Thank You notes need to make a major come back and love letters should be a priority in everyone’s life for our significant other, children, cousins, parents and everyone in between.

I am a  NYS Licensed Nail Artist/Technician, Personal Trainer,  Reiki Practitioner and co-creator of Hildegardian Wellness Program. I believe in a practical, down-to-earth approach when it comes to well-being, healing and beauty.  Now, I was not always like this and at times, still struggle with the overly enthusiastic, high-strung, strong headed, loud Italian woman that I am but over the years I have learned, studied and read from some of the best leaders and  mentors in in our industry and business. I have found my peace and zen so to speak through meditation and more importantly life’s lessons. And I must say those life lessons were doozies!! I  believe that we each have our own unique way towards becoming more of who we truly are by way of healthy, self-discovery which is an amazing journey to be on. ​

My personal journey has led me through many facets of life. From climbing the corporate ladder  as a Corporate Controller and Director of HR to a spiritually centered life where my core desire is to provide a sacred space for others to be themselves…their true self.   It took me many years to begin trusting myself instead of relying on the thoughts and opinions of others. I learned to lean into and embrace my fears instead of trying hard to let them go (as crazy as that sounds) but boy how liberating that was. After what felt like a lifetime of living and working for someone else, I became the Goddess of my own life.

My passion is to inspire and empower women who are looking to become financially independent, to overcome shame issues and other personal obstacles in a judgement free space by leveraging clear, intuitive communication and free expression of one’s self. I focus on creating opportunities, workshops and moments in life for others to look within.  We all need to recognize our inner divine power so that we may find our truth in order to live our highest potential.

One of my favorite quotes of many “She believed she could so she did”  I certainly did and I continue to grow, learn and aspire for more and I am here to help you conquer and do the same as well.

Live Well and Be Well


The voice behind the calls, Joan Viscusi

The one who wants to hear from you to enhance your future services with us. She is the elegant, wonderful, full of energy women who greets our wonderful guests and the mother figure to all of the Sorella Team. Her wisdom through her years has proven to help us grow into Sorella Spa and Wellness and help us grow as individuals. Joan is not only beautiful outside, with ageless defiance, but can run circles around most of us at the Spa! She is truly beautiful inside as well and she gives real meaning to our tagline “Live & Love Well” with her generous heart, stylish wardrobe, endless energy, love of life, humor and willingness to help in any capacity she can both within the Spa and with each of us individually.




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