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November 2, 2016
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November 14, 2016
Introducing Twenty Nine and Park – Effervescent Hydra~Spheres

The Finest Ingredients Make these Effervescent Hydra~Spheres Wildly Moisturizing and Luxurious

Did You Know?

The word “fragrance” in a product ingredient list is a catch-all term. Manufacturers are not required to disclose the list of ingredients used in fragrances, even though a single “fragrance” in a product can be a mixture of up to several hundred individual ingredients, some of which may be unregulated toxins.
The wonderful aromas of these products do NOT come from these mystery “fragrance” ingredients, but instead from 100% pure essential oilsIntroducing Amy and Karen.  Twenty Nine and Park began as a simple home made gift idea at holiday time…….. when friends and family LOVED them they decided to team up, perfect our recipes, expand on ideas, and share them with the world.

QUENCH and DRENCH your weary thirsty skin with one of our marvelous little hydra~spheres!
Currently available in four captivating scents:
IrreZESTible: Our energizing citrus blend
Provence: Relaxingly reminiscent of the lavender fields of France
Earthiness: Our comforting and grounding blend
Happiness: Captures the sweetness of an ocean breeze

Simply drop one sphere into the warm or hot bath. It will twist and fizz to infuse the water with our carefully selected, beautifully moisturizing ingredients. The Shea butter will work to soften your skin while you relax; the carefully selected essential oils and clays will soothe your senses; The effects will stay with you long after your bath, you will notice softer skin for days!


Twenty Nine and Park is committed to using the finest natural ingredients, with no harmful chemicals.  Their packaging is 100% biodegradable, and we think you will love using each of their products as much as we love having them!  For more information click here.
* Hand crafted in Saratoga Springs, NY