We are MOVING!! 
March 15, 2020
Hello May!
May 6, 2020

Happy April and Happy Anniversary Bella Nani!!

Well to say that this is not the way we wanted to start our 7 years in business is an understatement.
However, this crazy time and crazy virus is not going to keep us down! 

We are forging forward and getting our new Spa home up and running with some wonderful new ideas. Not only are we working hard in the Spa…Some more exciting news –

Our new name is
Sorella Spa & Wellness

and we are busy working together as a team to create some amazing new workshops, treatments, yoga sessions, personal training and group classes and SO MUCH MORE!!!   

In the meantime friends, I wanted to share and chat about our routines!!  Old and new! Now more than ever we need daily, nightly, weekly routines.  Routines allow us to foster habits that match our goals and aspirations as well as helping us to eradicate bad habits that do not serve us well. 

How can we do this?  Start by sticking with your norm but let’s spice it up a bit!  If you are like me, there are many “good habits” you want to incorporate into your day/nightly routines. For example washing my face each night before bed. I have for years (ask our estheticians) said,  “I am going to start doing that” NOPE-not yet! I have started it here and there but something always gets in the way of keeping up with it. 


Do you have something you have wanted to incorporate? Now is the perfect time to reset!  Let’s all hit the reset button and create new and improved healthy routines. 

Start small, pick 1 or 2 healthy habits you have wanted to incorporate into your daily/nightly routines. Maybe pick 1 daily and 1 nightly

What next…Consistency and follow through. Visualization is very important, it should be in your face!  Write it down for you to see. Chart it, spreadsheet it, chalk board it, whichever works for you.  

Then just as we do for a child, give praise and create a consequence.  

Praise yourself.  Positive affirmations!!
Here are a few:

I rocked it! 

I am awesome! 

No virus gonna get me down!

Look out COVID here I come!

Give yourself a consequence if you skip it. 

Take dessert away

Go to bed early

Give yourself a time-out

(HINT – Method to my madness…all of these will also actually help with healthy habits as well) 

Healthy Routines bring about discipline and balance. Let me know how you are doing with this.  Reach out to me via email, Facebook or text(518-469-4761) I want to hear from you!

We cannot wait to see you all again!!  Many blessings everyone!


Love, Live and Be Well my friends!

Author~Kimberly Krizan
Owner Bella Nani,
Co-Creator Hildegardian Wellness Program,
Nail Therapist/Artist,
Reiki Practitioner and Personal Trainer