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December 3, 2020
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March 2, 2021

Ever wonder the difference between regular polish and gel polish: How is it applied, how long does it last, is it safe for the nails, will my nails be dry when removed like acrylic? Short answer, gel polish is a safe and efficient way to keep nails looking their best longer! It allows you longer time between applications to live your life with beautiful nails, here’s how!

Application and Protection
The main difference in regular and gel is the application. Still applied with gentle brushing of the nail, but with gel, there is a curing process. After each coat of polish you will have your nails sit under a safe UV light that, when cured, is stronger than both regular polish and acrylic. The UV curing process very beneficial if your nails are prone to damage. Acting as a barrier to outside particles and pollutants, it strengthens fragile nails for two weeks and blocks chipping and other damages!

Drying and Removal
Gel also has a much faster drying time. In just one minute you will be cured and ready to face the day with healthy nails and no smudging. Removal is also very simple. Easier than removal of acrylic but along the same process as regular, gel requires the nails to be wrapped to safely remove. One easy step to ensure all the cured polish is off and ready for the next application!

Want to spice up your nails for an event or just changing of the season? Gel is definitely the way to go! Regular polish takes a longer time to dry making design process long and tedious, especially if it smudges and you have to restart. Compared to acrylic, gel is thinner and more flexible, allowing you to bring out a bolder design.

Luckily for you, gel and design are my specialty! Add this wonderful service to either a Traditional Manicure or luxurious Spa Manicure and make those nails bold, beautiful and healthy!

Alexa Czub
Stylist/Nail Artist