The Adirondack Candle Company was created in the kitchen of our house back in 1993 and after a 1/2 year of testing, and testing, and re-testing some more, we came up with a product we were proud of.
We used to love that large candle company (it will go un-named) just like everybody else, but we couldn’t afford them and thought “how hard can it be to make a candle?”….so we tried, and ultimately succeeded. At first the candles were just for us, then some family and friends, then we took it to 4 local stores and they placed a first order. If they never re-ordered, we would have made our money back, and then walked away. But guess what? They re-ordered!! We HAD succeeded.
We then branched out to doing house parties (like tupperware) where we brought everything with us and people bought what we showed them. Then after 4-5 years of getting too busy doing that, and our wholesale expanding, we stopped the house parties and concentrated on wholesale and the little store we created in our home.
In 2013 we grew even further by moving out of the house and setting up a location in Ballston Lake, NY (12 Main St to be exact) where we do ALL our manufacturing now, and have a really cool “Adirondack Themed” store to sell our full line of candles and many other cool gifts and giftware.
It’s been a labor of Love and we so very much appreciated the fan support from our loyal customers and friends.
We’re NOT done yet…keep following us as we continue to grow and expand who we are and what we do.
Thanks, from the Adirondack Candle Company crew!