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August 2, 2021
Why You Should Use A Simple Facial Scrub
October 7, 2021

Hello friends!  Sorella Spa & Wellness proudly presents our Spotlight of the month…THE SPA!


As we all are healing and moving forward from this past year and the aftermath of the pandemic that caused so much illness, heartache and widespread economic devastation, we want to share our goals for the remaining 2021 and the upcoming year of 2022.


We want to continue working on our cause to cultivate a community of wellness, self-care and mindfulness but we want to add resilience…a resilient attitude.


The relationships we have in our home, work and social environments can truly offer so much support to humankind during trying times…and boy are we coming out of a trying time.


We are here to help mend our community in any way we can.  We are working together as a team, to not only continue to stay up on our skills and techniques to better serve you every time you visit but to create workshops and services for our community to instill and cultivate habits of both social and individual wellness.


The term “Social wellness”  involves building healthy, nurturing, and supportive relationships as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you…, whereas, “Individual wellness” refers to the emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental and interpersonal well being of self.  Sorella is here to assist in both.


We are working diligently on our wellness program so that by mid 2022 we have helped to cultivate a new resilient attitude for our community so that individually each of you can take a more active approach to the challenges that may arise.  We want to prepare and give you tools to work through adversity in a healthy way. Creating a ripple effect in your everyday life, affecting everything from your mental health to your academic success to your home life.


Some of these workshops will include not just the normal workshops you hear about like practicing gratitude and mindfulness, but we want to cultivate relationships and create more mentors. When you cultivate caring relationships you are creating the key to good mental health. Let’s face it our family and friends are our go to for our support systems, but so are our co-workers, neighbors and sometimes strangers in passing. 


We are also working on creating a strong Fitness Foundation.  There is a direct correlation between the relationship of exercise and success.  Not just success in business…but success in your personal journey. The focus will be to set your sights on the small success and work in succession.  We want to bring back, full force, the philosophy of “ If I can do this small step, I can do more” and continue growing and moving forward to a more calm and confident mental state which eventually spills over into every aspect and areas of your life.  In doing so, YOU become healthier, OUR community becomes stronger and ALL hearts become fuller.


We are so excited for what the future holds for us at Sorella and want to hear from you on how we can help your resilience and wellness moving forward.  Stay tuned for our survey that will be coming out before the end of the year so you can play a part in helping to create an atmosphere of unity, wellness and resilience in our community.


-Your Sorella Team