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Get Ready To Get Glowing!

We have many people ask “what is dermaplaning?” and unless you happen to talk to a licensed esthatician it can be hard to explain.  So we decided to answer this question.  So, what IS dermaplaning?

Demaplaning 101

Simply put, dermaplaing is exfoliation on steroids.  No really, hear us out.  It is essentially shaving your face with a sharp scalpel like tool.  This will rid your beautiful face of unwanted peach fuzz and will also exfoliate without being super harsh.  Added bonus, it is a pain free process!  However, this is not something that can (or should) be done at home!  You need to have a licensed professional at the helm of this procedure!

This procedure is performed on the face, under the chin and on the sides of the neck.  You can expect to start with a thorough facial cleansing and skin prepping.  Next your esthatician will hold the skin taught and using the scalpel tool will then start to gently scrape away the top layer of dead skin cells.  We like to combine this with a slicylic, lactic or glycolic acid peel  to enhance the benefits of this procedure.  While dermaplaning is the physical removal of these dead skin cells, adding the chemical component helps to reduce acne scars, brown spot from sun damage and clogged pores.

Dermaplaning Benefits

So why would you submit yourself to this procedure, you may be asking.  We know that many women will be worried that shaving the peach fuzz from their face will make it grow back thicker and darker creating a bigger problem than they started with.  However, there is no reason to fear this outcome.  This peach fuzz is vellus hair and it will not grow back thicker and darker at all because this procedure will not change the follicle of your hair.

Dermaplaning has proven to even out your skin tone and texture and leaves you with brighter more youthful looking skin.  This is because it helps to increase cell turnover and will slough away those nasty pore cloggers called dead skin cells!  Since this layer of dead skin cells will be removed, your skin will be able to better absorb your daily skin care products more effectively!

Who Benefits From Demaplaning?

Pretty much all skin types will benefit from dermaplaning, as long as there is no sever breakouts at the time of the procedure.  It should be noted that people with thin or easily irritated skin should probably avoid adding the chemical peel process as this is most likely too much exfoliation.  The very best part of this procedure is that there is no recovery time!  You come in, relax, have some serious “you time” and walk out with gorgeous skin that you can go about your day with!

How Often Should I Schedule My Dermaplaning Appointments?

We recommend that dermaplaning is done every 3 to 4 weeks.  However, we will help you determine what will be best for your skin type by conducting a skin analysis during your first visit.  Generally, you are removing about 2 to 3 weeks worth of dead skin cells every time you visit.

Can I Do This Myself At Home?

This one is a tad tricky.  The answer is yes and no.  Due to the fact that dermaplaning is done using a professional blade it is best to leave this to the professionals here at Bella Nani Salon and Day Spa.  Our esthaticians have been professionally trained and are licensed to do this type of procedure.  Plus, they know exactly how many passes to make over the skin thereby reducing the danger of over exfoliation.  Plus, if you come to see a professional we can recommend adding a peel to enhance the benefits, giving the desired result as well as any product recommendations to help your skin stay hydrated and soothe any inflammation that happens in the exfoliation process.

On the other hand, you can  remove some stubborn peach fuzz at home using the small disposable facial razors available at beauty stores or drug stores.  This is not to say that you will get the same results as you would in the hands as a professional because only the professionals can purchase and use the scalpel tools that give the very best results.  The at home blades are great for at home use because they are not as sharp and they have protective bands on the blade, allowing the hair to be removed but greatly reduces the ability to cut the skin.  It is important to remember that the skin should be held taut and be super careful when working in angled areas (and around those brows!!).  DO NOT do this often because while minimal, it still is exfoliation and can cause irritation especially when combined with the use of retinols, prescription retinoids and acid exfoliators and always follow up will a soothing gel like mask to help calm the skin after.

It is easy to see why dermaplaning is becoming so popular.  We guarantee that once you experience it for yourself you will be amazed at how smooth and glowy your skin can be!  Why not schedule your appointment today?!  Not ready to make the big leap into dermaplaning?  Here is a list of our other skin services!