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August 7, 2018
Staying Healthy During Cold Season - Bella Nani Day Spa, Ballston Spa, NY
Keeping A Healthy Diet & Lifestyle During Cold Season
August 29, 2018
Essential oils- Essential YOU!- Stephanie Duell 12/6/18

Essential oils- Essential YOU!

Stephanie is a trained master resilience practitioner and public speaker. Essential oils came into her life, almost by accident. With a passion for healing touch, massage and interpersonal relationships, anything that can bring people together and provide healing. A friend introduced Stephanie to AromaTouch ( an application of 7 essential oils from the top of the head to down the back and on the soles of the feet) bringing the healing of essential oils to her toolbox. Stephanie is looking forward to sharing this passion with you!

Join her at Bella Nani Day Spa on Thursday December 6th at 6 p.m. for an interactive workshop on essential oils.

This workshop will include:


Light refreshments made with essential oils during an open Q&A


Education on essential oils


Take home handmade product: Tranquil linen and room refresher or Essential Pure household cleaning product

Class is $25 and must prepay at registration

Essential Oils Essential You!

  • Price: $25.00