Looking for something different for that event coming up(prom, wedding, party), or do your everyday lashes not look as glamorous as you feel? Eyelash extensions are the perfect service for any style whether you want to go natural or dramatic! Read the information below and schedule your appointment toda


                                    Style                                             Approx. Time                          Starting  Price

Lets talk about style..

Individual Set: With this set we are able to change the length and curl of your eyelashes, but not able to really play with the volume of your set. The volume of your set would depend on the amount of your natural eyelashes you have yourself on each eye. If you would like more volume and a little more drama on your eyes we would recommend our Fan sets.

Fan Set: This set is similar but instead of just one extension, your technician will attach a fan of 3D-5D eyelash extensions (the width being smaller than that of an individual lash so it’s no heavier) to one of your natural lashes. This option will look like you have 3-5 times more lashes. The amount of the extension depends on the structure of your natural lash and which length and amount your natural lash is able to hold.

Difference: 3D-5D sets are created for a more voluminous look, or for those that naturally don’t have a lot of eyelashes and our Individual Set would look too sporadic, naked and bald on them, where a Fan can give them more of that desired volume. Individual sets are more customizable to fit a myriad of different designs from the more natural look to a cat eye by mixing different lengths, thickness and curl.

How to prepare for first appointment:

• Come in with a perfectly clean face, if possible. This helps the eye pads stay on and ensures that the extensions will bond better to the natural lash.

• Have an idea ready! If your first appointment is also your consultation, your technician will ask you a range of questions (such as set type, length and desired style) to make sure we are giving you your best look.

• Be aware that not every eye shape, lash length and thickness are the same, even your left and right eye have differences from each other. So if you bring in a picture, we will do our best to match it, but it will most likely look a little different.


How long should I wait before I come in for another fill in?

A fill is usually scheduled every 2-3 weeks depending on your natural lash fall out and to keep your eyelashes looking full. However, we recommend only a few fills after your initial application. The reason for that is simply hygiene. We want to keep your eyelashes clean and free from any adhesive build up, bacteria and makeup residue. Your lashes will be cleansed at the start of each fill, but after a few fill-ins we recommend completely removing your extensions to clean them more thoroughly and getting a new set installed. Your technician will asses at every fill and advise on the best solution.

• How do I care for them at home?

You will be provided with a mascara wand to comb through your lashes to prevent any clumping or movement. We recommend gently cleansing them at least every other day with an oil free cleanser, everyday if you wear any makeup. Oil breaks down the bond of the adhesive, this includes fall out from makeup products and even our skins natural oils. Cleansing ensures longer lasting lashes and keeps them looking their best!

• What are the extensions made out of?

We use black, hypoallergenic, silk lashes. We do not use any Mink products.

• How long does it take?

The first session can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Fill-ins are dependent upon the lash fall out and if you want to change anything about your style.

• Can I wear makeup?

Yes, with some restrictions. One of the great things about extensions is that you don’t need mascara. However, closer to your fill you may find that you want to add more flare to the fall out. This is fine as long as you avoid applying at the base and remove with an oil free remover that night. All other forms are OK on the same premise, it should be oil free to avoid adhesive breaking down and must be removed that night. If you wait to remove or use an oil based remover/product, your extensions will be damaged/clumpy and it may also damage your natural lash.

• How do I remove them?

You should never try to remove extensions at home. The only way to get them safely removed is professionally or have them fall out naturally. The technician process uses a cream based remover that is painless and quick. However, the extensions do fall out with the natural shedding of your lashes eventually, but this is a much slower process and usually looks very patchy and uneven.

  • If I have existing extensions, can I come to you for a fill?

It’s not recommended that once applied a client goes to another location for a fill. This is mostly because each spa has different products and brands. It may not blend well together. If this is the case, book a consultation before an appointment so our technician can match our lashes and see if a fill is recommended or if a new set would be better.

• Are eyelash extensions damaging?

As long as you follow the “lash rules” and with every few fill-ins get a complete removal for healthy lashes, extensions are very safe. You will be given very specific instructions and a booklet at the first visit.

• Pricing

All pricing is dependent upon style and amount of lashes added or removed during a session:
Full Individual Set – Starts at $120
Full Fan Set – Starts at $160
Fill-Ins – Starts at $55
Removal – $10

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