Merry May Everyone!!
May 7, 2019
Summer-A time to Shine and Celebrate~
July 2, 2019
Finally we’re starting to see a change in the weather!

The sun is in the sky, the temperatures are rising and we’re all getting outside and enjoying the best that nature has to offer. However in the Ayurvedic medicinal tradition of yoga, this is a time where the dosha (body constitution) of
pitta which represents the fire element is most prominent. An imbalance of the pitta dosha  can encourage, frustration, anger, short tempered-ness and even promote skin irritations and fiery digestive issues.

Try some seasonal cooling foods that you can integrate into your diet to balance this out.
For example eating fresh crisp raw vegetables, a salad with some nuts and fruits, making fresh
fruit smoothies with coconut milk are all good ideas. It’s best to avoid foods that tend to
exacerbate the fiery condition such as any stimulants like caffeine, sugar, and fiery spicy foods.
As much as we love them they tend to invigorate an in balance  in our body, how we think and
act and move.

Also try moon bathing! Moon bathing is the simple act of bathing outside, under the cosmic
beauty of soft moonlight. It’s just like sunbathing, except you do it under moonlight. The moon
cools and balances the fiery nature of pitta dosha. You can moon bath whenever you wish but
some say the most effective time is beneath the cooling essence of the waxing moon (the time
between the new moon and full moon).

So to balance out your body and create a wealth of health and an environment for natural
detoxification let’s start choosing those seasonal cooling foods and cooling practices for better
health. Doing so will increase a sense of peace and well being, and even perhaps facilitate a bit
of weight loss as the body releases itself of toxins.

Trust the seasons, and what nature has created to nourish us.

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By Antoinette Di Mascio
– Organic Stylist, Herbalist, Yoga teacher, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Co-Creator
Hildegardian Wellness Program at Bella Nani