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April 19, 2017
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April 27, 2017

Here at Bella Nani, we love hair.  When we get a client that loves their hair as much as we love hair, we get very excited!  We recently had the pleasure of working with one such client!

When we first met this client she told us all about her hair history.  She had had really great hair that got ruined by a different salon.  Her is her tail of woe:

In the summer of 2014 I got my first keratin treatment.  I had worked very hard on growing my hair out as it had been cut short for the better part of 11 years.  I was falling back in love with  my hair but summer is always hard on me.  You see, my hair is naturally very curly and in the summer with upstate NY humidity, my hair tends to frizz and this makes me very unhappy.  I had always wanted sleek straight hair and this was my golden opportunity.  So I did keratin treatments every 6 months or so and took excellent care of it in between appointments.  One day in December of 2015, I decided that I wanted to do something different.  I had been curling my hair in loose beachy type curls for a while but the curl always seemed to fall after an hour or two.  So, I wanted to have a perm called a body wave done.  So I went to my local salon and had photos of what I wanted and was VERY detailed in my description of what I wanted.  After a moment, the stylist said “Um, I don’t think I have the right size rollers for that but I will take larger chunks of hair.  It will be totally the same thing.”

Apprehensively, I went ahead with the perming process.  Big mistake.  Huge.  It ruined my hair!!  I should have known that the girl doing my hair didn’t know what she was doing when she said “take larger chunks” as this is clearly, as I now know, not standard procedure.  My long hair that I had spent the better part of 3 years growing out and spent thousands of dollars on maintaining, was ruined in 1 hour.  I had to cut my hair that had reached to the middle of my shoulder blades to above the tip of my ears due to the extent of the damage done.  I have been in the process of re-growing my hair for the last year and despite my best efforts and extensive maintenance, it’s just not growing out as fast as I would like.

To say we were stunned at this client’s misfortune is an understatement.  As she told us the story her eyes filled with tears as she recounted how she not only lost hair but her sense of security, her confidence and she felt that she had lost a large piece of her identity as well.

Now the moment of truth came for her.  Could she trust another salon?  Our very own Rebekah stepped up and was ready for the challenge of showing this client that there is in fact life after a devastating perm!  Our lovely client was looking for extensions.  She desperately missed her long hair.  She also wanted to recolor her natural hair to hide the greys she had.  Then, she wanted to add in some fun and funky color to those extensions!

She and Rebekah sat down for a chat and about 1 hour later after a fun Pinterest search and ordering the extensions, our client was set and excited about her hair for the first time in bout a year and a half!  We were excited too!  We all anxiously awaited the day the hair came in and installation day!

Finally, the day came and our client came in with a song in her heart and joy in her eyes!  We knew that the pressure was on but we were ready to help this client find herself and sense of security once more!  Rebekah worked tirelessly to create a wonderful new look for our client and the client was speachless!  Her first look in the mirror at herself with long hair was worth all the money in the world!  Her jaw dropped to the floor and tears flooded her eyes with her excitement and happiness.  She left that day so very excited and with a bounce in her step!

I cannot believe that I have beautiful hair once more!  I thought that this day would NEVER come!  I can’t wait to surprise my family with my new long tresses!!  Thank you so much Bella Nani and Rebekah!!  -Victoria Crupe  Glenville, NY

As you can see, she was very happy with her results and we couldn’t be happier for her!  We look forward to a long relationship with this client!

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