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April 7, 2021
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June 3, 2021
Healthy Hair System
Let’s talk about the health of your hair!
Our hair is made up of keratin proteins and forms polypeptide bonds. These bonds are kept in alignment by hydrogen, salt, and disulfide bonds. Inside the cortex of your hair you have microfibers that are held together by disulfide which gives your hair structure, strength, and stability. When these bonds are disrupted they can break into two, and if the two stay separated it results in damage to the hair that we know as breakage. Heat, UV, and chemicals can all result in this damage, pretty crazy right? So how can you help the health of your hair at home and in the salon?
The answer is Olaplex!
Olaplex is a company who has manufactured a product that focuses on these disulfide bonds to help keep your hair healthy and strong. Their system is great for all hair types and can help damaged hair get healthy, and keep healthy hair strong.
Olaplex has an in salon product that we would add to your color, lightner, or even do as a stand alone treatment! They also have take home, such as shampoo and conditioner, a styling oil, an at home treatment, and more.
I myself use Olaplex in salon and at home, and can honestly say it makes a huge difference in the hair. Ask your stylist about it at your next visit!
-Kylie Lesson