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When it comes to fun skin trends, our number one favorite is henna.  So we went in search of  current trends.  With warmer weather coming our way with spring and summer on our horizon, we wanted to help you find some great inspiration for your next henna tattoo design!  We hope you enjoy this article!

Traditional henna designs and patterns are getting out of sight and trend with every passing day. Instead, henna tattoos are the new approach towards outgrowing elegant designing. These are simpler to apply and get yet looks amazingly alluring with any of the outfits whether eastern or western wardrobe it goes with them all. In fact, henna tattoos are the perfect alternative for the women living in the west; they can have the spice of eastern intricate henna patterns packed into charming motifs.

So if you were wondering about the recent henna’s tattoo trends, they all are here just one scroll away.Let’s just dive in to find out more about them and try them on any upcoming event or celebrations.


The area you are applying on. For arms, these tattoos are designed in small neat motifs carrying intricate swirls, floral or peacock patterns. These tattoos can also be customized and are designed to the patterns defined by you like the shapes of butterflies, or use of alphabets can also be seen these days. Tattoos for palm and the back of the hand are designed into circular floral patterns. Tattoos on the wrist of the hand demand more elegance ; hence they carry either very delicate decorative bands or the single set of delicate motifs.


Henna tattoo are equally loved to give your feet the feast. They can enhance the outlook of your feet with their aesthetic appeal. According to the outfit and makeover, you can get the perfect and most suitable design which may include bands of flower patterns around the ankle or the motifs over the center of the foot. Side motifs are also gaining popularity designed using flowers etc.


Tribal Henna tattoos is entirely a unique style in the trend which is now known to many of us. Tribal designs are created using symbolic figures and look incredibly cool once you get your hands on them. This tattoo is crafted using darker shades and are made fascinating with multiple shading styles. In the West, women do not only love to carry them over their hands and feet, but they like to take these amazing designs over their shoulders or the back of their spine.

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