What is a Holistic Health Coach?

This question seems to be asked a lot. Let us answer this for you! A Holistic Health Coach is not a medical doctor or a psychotherapist. A Holistic Health Coach is an information well and supportive foundation for creating healthy and balanced long-term goals and achievements regarding nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Bernadette D’Alessio, our new on-site Holistic Health Coach, focuses on creating healthy nutritional and emotional balance. While focusing on the “whole” you, Bernadette will guide and support you in making positive and long-lasting life changes regarding nutrition, and overall well-being. Bernadette is passionate about improving the lives of her clients, and creates a personal bond with each person she assists.

To schedule your free 50-minute consultation, please call the salon at518-885-1437, or email Bernadette directly at bernadettesbellavita@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest!