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There is a new trend that is taking the Nordic regions of the world by storm.  Of course it has a fascinating name and an even more fascinating concept.  It is called Hygge (pronounced HUE-gah).  But what is all the fuss about?  We have been doing some research and we have to say, this is going to change lives!!

We know that in today’s society it is a source of pride to be able to multi-task and check off at least 3 things from your to do list at once.  We have all seen that mom in the mini van with the kids, applying her mascara, taking a sip from her much needed coffee and handing napkins to the back seat because Johnny just spilled his juice.  Today’s world is rushed and frantic at times.  Our lives have taken on a tone of constant motion and we label ourselves as lazy when we are not doing multiple things at once in order to accomplish a goal.

But what if we could slow it all down?  What if we took a moment to go back to basics and smell those roses once more?  What if we took the time to savor something, enjoy the moment and just relax?  Welcome to Hygge!  This concept is all about taking that time to linger.  To walk slower and talk to your family or friends.  And not even on the phone.  But to take a walk with other people and spend that time to immerse yourself in enjoyment.

In the birthplace of this glorious movement, Copenhagen, many cafes actually ENCOURAGE their patrons to sit, relax and enjoy the moment they are in.  The encourage a sense of coziness and uni-tasking.  The task at hand?  To enjoy the moment, make a memory and start to relax.  It is taking the ‘go, go, go’ of everyday life and making time to enjoy something that is beloved.  They keep their businesses softly lit and don’t bother those that look to be deep in enjoyment.  And for good reason too!  The Danes have been voted one of the happiest nations on Earth, have the longest life expediencies and have totally mastered their work-life balance.  The reason?  Hygge!

But it is not just a description of an act, it is a feeling as well.  But how do we start to incorporate it into our lives?  This is the slightly difficult part of this blissful movement.  You have to start by making the time!  To start, set aside just 10 minutes to do something that brings you deep enjoyment and relaxation.  Sink into a warm bath filled with your favorite essential oils.  Or, sit down and actually enjoy your breakfast with no distractions such as scrolling through your Facebook feed or news outlets!

Set the atmosphere.  Much of this will lay in your lighting choices.  Create a space that you feel relaxed in and add soft lighting.  Thing candles, fairy lights and warm bulbs in your lamp.  Then deepen that coziness with cushions, rugs and throws that bring you joy.  Do not forget to eliminate harsh odors!  There are many ways to scent the air in a way that brings relaxation.  From room sprays to candles to fresh flowers, you have many choices to bring you that sense of home and comfort.

Practice the art of gratefulness.  Tell people that you appreciate them.  Write letters to loved ones that may life farther away from you and tell them that you appreciate their presence in your life.  Keep a gratitude journal and take the time every day to write about the things or people that you are grateful for.  Be mindful of all that you have and find ways to express your attitude of gratitude!

Find ways to practice stillness.  Too much of daily life is swept up in our constant movement or constant connection through technology.  Switch off technology and take the time to connect with the people you love.  Find your quiet spot and practice your meditation or even some gentle yoga.  We know that this sounds like it can cause more stress to be switched off from technology but trust us when we say, you will find that your stress level will be greatly reduced when you shut off the notifications in order to have time to practice stillness.

Get in touch with nature.  This will help clear your mind, help put in perspective all the things that may be bothering you and reduce stress levels which will in turn, boost your self-esteem and energy levels!  To be in nature will remind you to enjoy the simple things in life.  You will remember what it is like to enjoy the fresh air, the sounds of the birds and the lack of congestion that is our daily lives.  It is as simple as taking a day trip to the countryside or taking a walk in the forest.

Get together with family and friends.  Start a new tradition by hosting a monthly tea time, a board game evening or even a movie night.  Then, shut off your phones and create memories with one another, laugh and reminisce your past adventures and funny stories with one another.  Remember what it is to spend time in the presence of others and find yourself laughing and enjoying these moments and memories.

These are just a few things you can do to practice Hygge.  There is so much more that you can do.  Just take a look around and you will start to see ways to slow it down and take the time to relax!  We promise you that you will not regret the things you do to find balance in your life!  If you are ready to start your Hygge journey with a deeply relaxing massage, be sure your contact us today!