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July 10, 2022
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September 12, 2022

Ice Globes…the coolest (pun intended) skincare tool to reduce puffiness

Small tool…big impact!! Ice globes are one of the most popular beauty tools with spherical ends, meant to be frozen to provide a cooling sensation on the skin when used. Just like ice cubes, ice globes promote lymphatic drainage and help to strengthen your skin’s elasticity with a major difference…they are far less messy!!

Ice globes help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, brighten the complexion, and give your face a natural lift with a beautiful glow. Think of ice globes as dumbbells for the face…they are tools which make the workout more effective.

These amazing little wonders work on the facial muscles and relax the eye muscles after a long day of work on your computer or any excessive screen time you may have. They work to even out skin tone, relieve migraines, sinus pressure and pain, headaches and refine pores. Not to mention they reduce puffiness. Ice globes stimulate circulation and oxygenates the skin in turn firming the skin and reducing puffiness making you look and feel like you’ve actually slept those 8 hours everyone says we need but most of us never get.

This fabulous little tool can be added to your normal facial routine with our esthetician or can be a stand alone service added to any of our many services we offer.


-Kimberly Krizan