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New Year, New You!

After a busy and possibly stressful holiday season, we are sure that you are ready to spend some time on just you.  After all, it’s a whole new year!  So after the revelry settles down and before you settle into the rest of the cold winter months, why not snap up some of these refreshing specials that we have in store for you!  If your New Year resolution was to become a better version of yourself or just to take better care of yourself, why not start with a little battery recharge via spa massage or in the salon, a little change up from your tired old style that you were just thinking could use some freshening up!


The facial to end all facials!  This is the Rolls Royce of facials.  Why?  Well, this facial will truly help you to refresh that dry winter skin on your face!  We start with a thorough yet gentle cleansing of the skin.  Then we apply an enzyme and allow it to help soften and loosen any dead skin that needs to be taken away to make room for the beautiful and supple skin beneath.  Next our aesthetician uses a scalpel to gently graze your skin in a shaving motion.  This helps to remove all the dead skin that was loosened as well as help rid your face of that “peach fuzz” like hair that is present on everyone’s face.  Lastly, we help your skin recover with a deeply moisturizing mask followed by a quick cleanse and moisturizer.

This month, this awesome facial is available to you for $90, normally priced at $100+!!

Hot Stone Massage

Let us work your tired muscles and help you find some inner peace and relaxation.  You will start with a traditional Swedish massage.  Next once we have all of your back muscles warmed up and starting to loosen, we add in that luxurious heated stone.  You will feel the warmth of the stone aid our efforts in sending this heat deep into your muscles helping you to achieve some of the deepest relaxation that is legal today!  We will then leave a few of the hot stones at specific points along your spine to help the flow of energy in your body.

Snap up this special before it blows out of town!  January special price $60 (Retail $80)

Hair Color and Deep Conditioning

If your New Year, New You features a new hair color then you are indeed in for a treat!  This month you will not only get that beautiful new color you are dreaming of but you will receive a deep conditioning treatment as well!  Let’s face it, your skin is not the only thing to get dried out by the cold temperatures and hot showers we all tend to take in the cold winter months!  Why not show some love to your locks and revitalize them with a great deep conditioning treatment after you add color.  This will not only help your style stay soft and manageable but will help maintain your color a little longer as it will help seal the cuticle of your hair shaft, locking in the color!  It’s a win, win, win all for you!

This special is $110 but retails at $130 after the month rolls over!

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