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June 23, 2017
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July 18, 2017

This month we wanted to highlight a staff member who knows skin and can make your skin feel like new!  This staff member is our absolutely spectacular  aesthetician, Crystal!  Crystal has been a hard worker, making sure that every face that comes to her at Bella Nani Salon and Day Spa is smooth and hydrated and that every woman feels as beautiful as possible.  Crystal works tirelessly while she is here in the spa ensuring that every client leaves satisfied no matter what the skin or eyelash concern was when they came in!

Crystal HeadShot

My name is Crystal and I am an aesthetician at Bella Nani Salon and Day Spa!  I have worked in the industry for 5 years and have called Bella Nani “home” for 2 years.  It is true that i did take some time off due to pregnancy but I am super excited to say that I am back!  You can find me at the spa Wednesdays, weekends and whenever our owner, Kimberly, asks her if I can come it!  I love it here so I try to make sure that I am available when I am needed here!

BN:  What made you fall in love with working at Bella Nani? Why do you love working here?  Bella Nani-Crystal Feature

Crystal: Everything from the clients to our team of Bella’s. Every time I walk in, it feels like a house of friends, not a stressful, over crowded salon/spa.

BN:  How did you get into the industry? Who were your mentors or inspirations?

Crystal:  My sister-in- law definitely “pushed” me in this direction. Prior to my love of skin care, I was going to school for computers. One semester I was freaking out because I realised, this wasn’t me. I didn’t want to be the one behind a computer for hours, finding the misplaced comma. My husband was also a huge factor. Without his support through the MAJOR career change, the low paying jobs and all my nights of studying, I may be that computer tech stuck behind a screen telling the customer how to reset their program. Though, I still use those skills at the spa;)

BN:  What is an in industry dream job for you (besides Bella Nani)?

Crystal:  I have worked many layers of the field in my short time. I have performed laser treatments and medical services. But my dream job is oncology. I have a certificate in oncology esthetics and would love to help cancer clients feel comfortable in their own skin again. Radiation and chemo therapies, while being helpful to the cure, are damaging and uncomfortable.

Bella Nani-Coco Chanel QuoteBN:  What 3 tools in your kit can you not live without?

Crystal:  Steamer, enzymes and extractor tools.

BN:  What is your favorite product offered at Bella Nani and why?

Crystal: Our line Skinscript Rx. It is a great line without tons of “filler” ingredients/chemicals that really target the concern of the client without causing further issues.  In fact for the month of July I am having a special on a signature facial.  It is the Strawberry Margarita facial with Raspberry Peach Enzymes!  Make sure you contact us to schedule this service before July 31!!

BN:  Advice for anyone just starting out in the field?

Crystal:  Never stop studying! Our field changes so much and there are ALWAYS new ingredients, new tools and new techniques to learn.

BN:  Favorite service to do?

Crystal:  Any service that changes someone’s day. It could be the most basic of facials, but if the client walks out feeling better, so do I.

BN:  What has been your best day on the job?

Crystal:  So many come to mind, but the best was my returning day. After months of being away with my son, I wasn’t sure if I was good anymore. I hadn’t studied as much as I’d liked or performed a service in a long time. I thought I would get to work and draw a blank. But the client walked in, talked about his concerns and *click* it all came back! I may have been more spazy in answering questions than I’d hoped, but he took it in as if I was giving the winning lottery numbers.

BN: Do you have a favorite quote?

Crystal: “Do or do not, there is no try” I realize this is from a fictional character from a galaxy far, far away. But while trying to think of a quote, this is the one that popped up. We either believe in ourselves to succeed or we give up and fail.

BN:  Any hidden talents or funny stories you want to share?

Crystal: My life is full of funny stories, just meet my family:)

The only talent I can think of is crocheting? My grandmother taught me when I was little, but it wasn’t until I was 18 and too broke for Christmas presents that I decided to stay up super late and find patterns for everything. Hats, purses, scarves, can coozies and coasters. Everyone loved them. Since then, I’ve gotten much better and creative with my projects. Until recently, whenever anyone said “This is awesome! You should sell it.” I just nodded. I hate charging, but I have sold things and even got business cards made up to put the word out. You never know when someone wants a Pinterest project for their baby!

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