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June is here and so is the sunshine in our Featured Bella’s soul!  She has been with us for a few years as a henna artist and now is a freshly minted massage therapist.  She is just a joy to have around our spa and we are so excited to be able to show her off!  She is as kind as she is funny as you will see.  Without any further ado, we introduce to you Samantha Genier!

Hello!  I am Samantha Genier and am so excited to be the Featured Bella for the month of June!  I am a Massage Therapist and Henna Artist here at Bella Nani Salon and Day Spa.  As of March, I am a Massage Therapist and have been offering massage since then.  I have been here a while doing henna artistry and you can usually find me here when an appointment is scheduled with me during the week.

BN: What made you fall in love with working at Bella Nani?  Why do you love working here?
SG: Kim has always been among my biggest cheerleaders in any endeavor I’ve tried, and she’s always doing whatever she can to support them. So I know working here that I can always bring things up with her, because her intentions are always to do her best to make sure her staff excels, and it shows.

BN: How did you get into the industry?
SG: Busted in like the Kool-aid man. Ohhh yeah. Haha, but on a serious note, I was working a job that I was growing out of rapidly and needed a new path. I’ve always had an affinity for wanting to help others, but I’m not good at dealing with death or emotionally-charged situations; so nursing, psych, veterinary work, etc was out. Massage therapy was a path I had been considering for years but wasn’t sure it was right for me until recently. It’s a way I can help folks, but not be in the situations that I don’t feel equipped to handle.

BN: What is an in industry dream job for you (besides Bella Nani)?
SG: I really want to open my own space. I have always wanted to be 100% self-employed since I was about 13 and we did the Pushcart Faire in Middle School (Galway Central). There’s a certain challenge that comes with running a business that really appeals to me. It’s also nice to have a room that is your working area only; that you decorate, maintain, and energize yourself. The best part is, I can set my own hours so owning my own place doesn’t mean not working at Bella Nani.

BN: What 3 tools in your kit can you not live without?
SG: My hands, my intuition, and my open-mindedness. You probably thought I was going to say lotion, table, and sheets; but I don’t need any of those to do a massage (they just make it easier). I learned from doing exchanges at random with classmates and helping friends and family with stuff. There are ways to do massage without any of the special equipment you might think you’d need. Just takes a little ingenuity.

BN: What is your favorite product offered at Bella Nani and why?
SG: I’ve been a client at Bella Nani since the beginning, and I can say I’ve never bought a product, only hair and nail services (I’m really bad at being feminine sometimes hahaha). What kept me going back for five years is the fact that I wasn’t just a number, I was a face with a name. Sure, it took a bit, but eventually, I ended up on a first-name basis with the entire staff. You don’t get that often. So the atmosphere is the best thing offered at Bella Nani.

BN: Any advice for anyone just starting out in the industry?
SG: Attitude is everything. Nothing is going to go as planned, but keep moving forward. The more challenges you face, the better prepared you are for whatever comes next.

BN: What is your favorite service to do?
SG: My specialty is Shiatsu massage. It differs from Swedish massage in that it’s traditionally done on a mat on the floor, and the participant is usually fully clothed (in comfortable clothing, definitely no jeans). This is an energetic form of massage following the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and through the use of pressure and stretching along specific paths and points on the body it will help to alleviate both physical and emotional concerns. If you’ve ever received acupuncture, Shiatsu works along the same TCM principals. Some Shiatsu can carry over into Swedish massage, but to truly experience it you need to be on the floor. If you’ve never tried Shiatsu before and are curious, I’m more than willing to schedule an extra 15min before your massage to talk to you and answer any questions before beginning. Or I can take some time after a Swedish massage to talk to you about Shiatsu, and we can book your second massage with me on the mat instead. 😉

BN: What has been your best day on the job?
SG: Each day is unique and wonderful, so I like to think that they’re all best days. Also, I haven’t been there long enough to have many that stick out more than others, yet. It will come. I challenge anyone reading this to come in and be my new best. 😉 (and I’ll be yours)

When I was in school though, and doing clinic (I graduated from the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy, and all students work in the student clinic to get experience), I did have one client that stood out above the rest. She was this very sweet, very elderly lady who was hardly mobile; but she sang praises to massage. I was so very nervous leading up to working with her, because this was a big challenge considering where I was in the program, and I was nervous I wouldn’t give her a good experience. My classmates were very considerate in helping me lower my anxiety, and working with this lady turned out to be life-changing for me. She was someone who once she got on the table, she could not move to a new position. Her caretaker helped her out with getting settled, and then I took over for the relaxation. There wasn’t much I could do, but she really appreciated the simple things, and it was such a humbling and lovely experience that I will cherish forever; she definitely left with a piece of my heart that night. I honestly don’t know if I can ever top that, but I’d like to try.

BN: Do you have a favorite quote that you would like to share?
SG: We are all perfectly imperfect. I don’t know who said it originally, but it’s one of my core values and I tell it to people a lot.

BN: Do you have any hidden talents or funny stories you want to share?
SG: I’m a very multi-faceted person. So I wouldn’t say any of my talents are hidden, but because I do so many different things it can be a bit surprising to learn of all of what I do, and hard to keep track of it. I’ve practiced martial arts, I belly dance, I’m a crafter with a partner-in-crime and an Etsy, I dabble in henna, I dabble in reading tarot, I’m a Viking age reenactor, I’m trained as a professional photographer, I love steampunk, I love Renaissance faires, I practice Reiki, I dabble in nail art (but I am not trained as a nail tech, this is purely for me), I enjoy statistics… this list could go on for a long time. The nice thing is, I’m rarely ever bored.

Be sure to contact us today to book your June Special Massage with Samantha!  She is offering a 1-hour Shiatsu Massage for $70 ($80 retail value) and Henna (starting @ $35) $5 off!