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The Kindness Cure: How To Be Kind To Yourself In a Cruel World
February 7, 2018
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February 22, 2018
How To Be Kind To Yourself: Top 10 Things To Do Starting Today!

Last week we started the journey to being kind to yourself.  We talked about how you need to start to calm your inner voice into being a kinder voice.  We feel that this is an amazing place to start but there is more work to be done on your journey to being kinder to yourself.  Investing the time to become kind to yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  When you begin to practice self kindness, your life becomes lighter and your relationships will likely improve in ways that you didn’t know were possible.

You will feel happier in all things and aspects of your life.  You will notice that your self-esteem improves and that your sense of deserving good things will increase as well.  However, many people become stuck and do not know how to start this journey.  What is often overlooked is that it only takes the simple step of starting a new habit today.  Start a new kindness habit and show love to yourself.  We wanted to share 10 of our favorite habits to show yourself some much needed love!

1. Invest in yourself

This is as simple as spending 15-30 minutes a day reading, listening to or watching something that makes you feel good about you, helps you understand yourself and the world around you or that helps you to strive toward living your best life.  Then take one simple, small step on what you learned.

2. Find truth when your inner critic (or an outer critic) attacks

Our inner critic can be tough and the outer critics tougher.  So you must ask “what is the exception to this though?”  Asking this one simple question will change your train of thoughts and you can help yourself to not get down on yourself.

For example, if you or someone says that you are not doing a good enough job at work you can ask the question and find the answers that tell you that this is not really the truth.  If you question the attack and look for the exception you may see that you are actually doing a great job in most things but maybe your reports that you are in charge of are not as good as they can be.  This will help you identify what the actual problem is and how to find a way to correct a behavior.

3. Unstress

This is the easiest thing you can do!  Take a long bath or read a book that lets you escape what is bothering you.  Or maybe working out is more your style, or talking it through with a good friend.  Really whatever feels good for you and lets you get the stress out in a constructive, healthy manner.  Set aside 30 minutes or more to allow for this type of activity.  This is kindness to your body and mind that is so necessary as it allows you to release tension and stress.

4. Take 2 minutes per day to appreciate the miracle that is you

Create a kinder and more balanced self image by starting a habit of appreciation.  Take 2 minutes a day to sit and record on paper or electronically, what 3 things you appreciate about yourself today.  It can be as simple as being a good listener or how well you are doing at a hobby.  This isn’t about listing huge accomplishments.  This can be simple mundane tasks as you got out of bed when you didn’t want to.  You need to appreciate the little things as well as the big.

5. Take one step a day toward something positive

If your day feels mediocre then take a step toward something positive that helps to breathe new hope into your day (or week, or month…or year).  This can be something like booking or researching a trip that you want to take, setting up dinner or coffee with a good friend, look into how you can grow in your career or trying a new hobby.  No matter how big or small the step is, you will reap rewards of doing this no matter what!

6. Be kind to others

The way you treat others is often a glimpse into how you treat yourself.  Sometimes it is necessary to practice kindness toward others to help encourage yourself to be kinder to you.  This is as simple as letting someone into your lane when driving, encouraging a family member or friend when they are not feeling good about themselves or just being there to listen as someone needs to vent.

7. Be your own best friend even when you stumble

Stop beating yourself up when something doesn’t go your way.  Allowing yourself to constantly beat yourself up will eventually erode your self esteem.  When you find yourself in one of these spirals ask yourself, “how would my friend or parent support me in this situation?”.  Then do things or talk to yourself as they would.  And remember to ask yourself what you can learn from the stumble and if there is an opportunity to learn from the situation.  Make what could trip you for a long time and make it a lesson that you can grow from.

8. Take a laugh-break

5-10 minutes per day is all it takes to watch or read something that makes you laugh.  Watch a funny clip, look at a funny photo or read a funny comic strip that makes you laugh.  This recharges your energy and optimism as well as release any tensions that you are holding onto.

9. Remember that you have the power to change your trajectory

You do not have to stay stuck at a job that you hate.  You do not have to continue to read a book that is a bore.  You can change!  Think about and visualize what it is that you DO want in your life and take one small step toward it!  Make a list of goals that you want to reach and work toward them.  One step today helps you reach the next step tomorrow.

10. Remember why it is good to be kind to yourself

Knowing the reasons that you are on this journey to be kinder to yourself becomes easier and easier as you take the steps one by one and remember why you started in the first place.  Remind yourself also of the benefits that practicing kindness toward yourself will help you achieve your highest good.  It is easier to find greater happiness, higher self esteem, find more inner happiness and have more positive relationships when you are being kind to yourself no matter what life hands you in ups and downs.

You can see that taking a few small steps can lead to great changes in your life.  Being kind to yourself will help you remain positive in all that you do and how you interact with other people in your daily life.  So why not start today?  If you want to find a great way to relieve stress then we offer both reiki and massage.  These are amazing ways to start to find stress relief as you start to map out your journey to greater kindness.  If you are ready to start with one of these great methods, contact us today to schedule your session!