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We get it, aromatherapy seems like a girly thing but with Father’s Day coming up, why not read up on aromatherapy for men?  Men need a relaxation method as well and in keeping up with many natural trends that are increasing in popularity everyday they are increasingly turning to aromatherapy to find stress reduction.  We found an incredible resource to share with you on this very subject!

The world today demands both mental and physical labor which leads to accumulative stress on mind and body. This stress then combines with poor lifestyle leading to different health conditions.

Chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, depression, frequent headache, insomnia, and dementia have been found to be associated mental stress too. Men are at higher health risk among the both genders due to this stressful condition.

Frequent visits to doctors, medical checkups, and bills are the add-on with these diseases. However, alternative health measures can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle with maximum health benefits and alleviating the poor health conditions.

Aromatherapy through essential oils has the great power to influence both the physiology and psychology of an individual relieving from potential stress. For years different forms of aromatherapy have been used for good health:

• The Power of Smell- Our brain has different responses for varied scents. The olfactory region in our brain perceives good smells and leads to boost in memory. This property of  the brain and essential oils inhaled through air creates a good mental state.

• Topical Application- Applying aromatic oils on different body parts has various skin benefits including reducing aging along with antibacterial and anti-fungal effects.

• Use of Cosmetics- Essential aromatic oils are continuously being used in different cosmetic products in the forms of face wash, body cleansers, soaps, moisturizers and different hair and skin products.

The goodness and benefit of essential oils separately and in combinations have been used for different purposes throughout the history. Not only women even men have been reaping the benefits of aromatherapy and for the maximum benefit combinations of types of aromatherapy are used by them:

• Massage- Body massage with aromatic oils reduces the pain in muscles and different body parts. Also, regular scalp massage for men reduces hair problems, lowers stress and leads to memory gain.

• Diffusion- Air diffusion of the essential oil promotes better absorption into the body. There are varieties of essential oil diffusers available into the market giving you the wide preference options. Generally people use diffusers in the bedroom which has its effect even in sleep.

• After Shaves- Men often apply after shaves composed of essential oils with different scents of earthy, spicy and masculine aroma. This not has antiseptic property to protect the skin but also elevates the mood-boosting the mental state and confidence.

• Perfumes or Colognes- Most people say that modern men have now realized the importance of smelling good but even in the ancient times, men have been using perfumes and colognes prepared from different sources. It has always been a part of men’s dressing up similar to women’s as it increases self-confidence and attracts others.

• Candles- As a part of aromatherapy there are special aromatic candles prepared from beeswax. These candles are lit releasing the fragrance of different essential oil it is made from. These special candles soothe your senses and calms the nerves.

• Bathing- It is not the time only to remove the body dirt but also for relaxation. Special scented soaps and body wash are available which rejuvenates body and mind. Also adding few drops of essential oil in a warm shower works wonders.

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