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May 1, 2019
Finally we’re starting to see a change in the weather!
June 1, 2019

The tulips are reaching for the sun and the lilacs are budding and blooming! This awesome month is National Physical Fitness month so now is the time to get out and enjoy the fresh air of this wonderful season.  Among the many things going on this month is National Women’s Health week which kicks off May 12-18, 2019.

So now is the time to explore where you are on your healthy journey and where you want to go. Take some time, think about it and find out what works best for you this week. This week serves as a reminder for women to make their health a priority and build positive health habits for life.  This is your “YOU come First Journey!”

Now this does not mean stress yourself out doing so…start small. Get up and move for 15-30 minutes every day. That can be as simple as setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier, getting out of bed and doing some simple stretching while making your coffee.  Or get dressed, step outside, take in a nice, deep breath and walk your driveway for 15 minutes. How about putting on your favorite playlist and dancing. Don’t have one, think of your favorite jams. You know the ones!! Those that made you get up and dance songs and boogie in the kitchen with your family…cats and dogs included.

Replace one mid-day snack with something crunchy and colorful. No, not Cheetos or Doritos, but perhaps some carrot sticks with hummus or, cucumber with Laughing cow cheese.

Grab your friends and go on a nature walk on an early weekend morning. Bring along some colorful, healthy snacks to enjoy and plenty of water while taking in the beauty around you.

Want to make it even easier to start this YOU come First Journey this month…LAUGH! Scientists state that laughing just 15 minutes a day will burn 10 to 40 calories. This depends on a person’s weight and the intensity of the laughter. That’s enough to shift between 1 and 4 lb a year. So bring on the laughter…a big, hearty, belly laugh will get things moving and brighten your day!



By Kimberly Krizan

Owner Bella Nani, Co-Creator Hildegardian Wellness Program, Nail Therapist/Artist, Reiki Practitioner, Personal Trainer