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January 9, 2019
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April 8, 2019

New beginnings are happening!

As most of you know, the spring equinox is upon us. So what does this mean? Daylight starts to increase, meaning more light. A shining reminder that new life will be starting to peek through Mother Earth. This is a time of renewal, of growth blooming gloriously with renewed energy that will help each of us focus and move forward in fresh, positive ways.

So to help you along with these new beginnings, consider starting a new morning and night ritual to conquer each day with relevance. Here are some ideas to help create your own ritual. Start small, incorporate one or two of these to start. Do not overwhelm yourself.

-Peaceful Close – Your bedroom should be your Haven. Create a quiet, cool, cozy bedroom to end your day in. Spend some time ensuring your space is a place of rest, recharge and peace. There are many ideas on the web that do not cost or take a lot of time to do.

-Plan for Success – Mornings can be hectic so take some time before bed to get some things out of the way. Prepare your lunch, or lunches if you have children and include them to help get them on the right track the night before, set out outfits to wear, set up the coffee maker. Little things like this make for a smoother start.

-Express Gratitude – Before going to bed, take a few minutes to think of 2 or 3 things that you were grateful for that day or made you smile. This simple practice can increase your well-being, may improve sleep quality and bring upon something to focus on when we awake in the morning.

-Ready for Renewal – Early Morning is a special time of day. The birds are singing and the air is still and sweet. Welcoming the energy of morning can help set the tone for a better day. Figure out how would you like to feel in the morning? Do you want to be more productive, more energized, more calm? Then select an action that will start you on that path. Maybe it is developing a brief breathing and stretching routine to awaken your spirit, meditating, going for a brisk walk in the early morning air, writing in a journal or prioritizing your To-Do list with a cup of tea.

-Eat Breakfast – We have all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day but sometimes this important undertaking is often overlooked. Planning a healthy breakfast can add a level of energy to your morning and your brain. Stuck for ideas? Google “easy breakfast ideas” and you will find many.

Author, Kimberly Krizan
Owner Bella Nani, Co-Creator Hildegardian Wellness Program, Nail Therapist/Artist, Reiki Practitioner, Personal Trainer