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Is Hygge The New Happy?
August 8, 2017
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August 22, 2017

First of all, to all the moms out there, congrats on your hard work.  The pregnancy, the sleepless nights after baby is born and then again when they become independent from you.  We are all aware that most pregnant women are told that they are “glowing” during pregnancy but many momma’s to be do not feel glowy.  They feel tired, bloated and ready to meet their baby.  Many people around mom to be want to pamper her.  But is it safe?  This is the exact question we wanted to answer.

There are many ways to pamper oneself during pregnancy and a few that should be avoided until after you have given birth.  With the variety of treatments and ways to find that pre-baby me time, we decided to go through a list of many common spa luxuries to outline which ones should be safe (with doctor approval) and which ones to avoid.

Pregnancy Pampering #1-The Sauna

We cannot stress this enough, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!  When you raise the internal core temperature you can cause serious damage to your baby.  Raising your core temp to over 102 degrees Fahrenheit or higher can put baby at great risk for brain and spinal cord defects.  Saunas and any heat treatment that can raise your internal temperature must be avoided!  Also, any spa worth it’s weight will not allow or even promote sauna time or any heat treatments to women they know are pregnant.  If a spa tells you that you are safe and should be fine with any heat treatment or sauna trip, run, run away as fast as you can because they are putting the health of your baby at risk!

Pregnancy Pampering #2-Body Scrubs

Go for it!  This is a great way to achieve that beautiful, soft skin you are looking for as well as stimulating blood flow all over your body.  When your circulation is increased by a treatment such as this, your blood is pumping all over and carrying valuable nutrients and oxygen that create the building blocks of your cellular makeup as well.  This is especially important when you are pregnant when you need this increased blood flow throughout your body for your health as well as supporting the growing baby.  However, it is important to remember that skin can tend to be sensitive while you are pregnant.  So when you schedule a body scrub, be sure you are choosing a gentle scrub full of more hydrating ingredients such as sugar based scrubs.  You may be tempted by that salt scrub but they are generally more aggressive so they should be approached with caution.  Once again, be absolutely certain that no heat is involved such as a wrap.  Also, be sure to inquire about the oil used and be sure that it is scent free.  The reason for this precaution is that certain pure essential oils such as sage, tarragon, wintergreen, rosemary and especially mugwort have a detoxifying effect that can lead to a miscarriage when placed directly on the body.

Pregnancy Pampering #3-Massage

This is a yes and a no.  While in your first trimester, it is best to avoid massage.  The reason for this is that if a massage therapist is not well versed in prenatal massage the massage itself may cause stress to the body and harm the baby as opposed to waiting until second or third trimester.  However, there are guidelines that need to be followed here.  First of all, choose a massage that is designed for pregnant women and ask for someone who is experienced in prenatal massage.  Be sure that you are not positioned flat on your back or stomach.  These massages are designed using special pillows and tables that allow you to lie comfortably.  Once again, scent free is the best way to go when choosing a massage oil.  If you are looking for that aroma therapy it is best to ask if inhalation therapy is available as opposed to letting the oils be placed directly on the skin.  Just be sure that any oil you are inhaling is heavily diluted (1% or less is optimal) in a carrier oil such as coconut or sunflower.  Lastly, avoid reflexology on hands and feet.  These areas contain spots that, when manipulated, can induce labor.

Pregnancy Pampering #4-Facial Treatments

Another treatment that is a yes and no.  Facials are generally safe while pregnant as long as harsh treatments such as microdermabrasion and certain chemical peels are avoided.  These treatments can do more harm than good in many cases because your skin is more sensitive.  On the flip side, treatments with gentle exfoliation with ingredients such as apricot kernels or bamboo beads that is followed by a deep moisturizing mask (think avacado or yogurt) for safely soothing your skin.  Make sure you double check the products that are being used beforehand to be sure they are toxin free and safe for baby.  Also, be sure that you consult with your doctor before you schedule a facial.  This will ensure that you know exactly what to avoid and allow the doctor to go over the service with you to decide if it is safe for you.

Pregnancy Pampering #5-Manicures and Pedicures

Absolutely!  However, remember that massaging the hands and feet can trigger those reflexology points that can induce labor.  It is best to avoid this part of the treatment (we know, the best part has to be skipped).  Also, make sure that wherever you are getting your manicure or pedicure is using the latest in sanitation techniques to ensure that you are protected from harsh chemical and worse yet, germs!  There is no evidence that acrylics cause any harm to the baby but you may want to err on the side of caution and skip that full set until after the baby is born since they contain chemicals such as resin and formaldehyde.  When choosing your nail polish, it is best to choose a “three-free” brand such as OPI, Essie, Zoya or Butter London.  “Three-free” means that the polish is free of dibutyl phtalate, toluene and formaldehyde, all chemicals that are shown to be harmful.  Gels are okay too so long as there is plenty of ventilation.

Pregnancy Pampering #6-Hair Removal

Go ahead!  You may just be the lucky lady that discovers that your body grows hair in all sorts of crazy places (thanks hormones!!).  Lucky for you, waxing and threading are safe temporary solutions for pregnant women.  It may be tempting to go for that laser treatment but this may just need to be put on the back burner for now.  Due to raging hormones during pregnancy your body can have an adverse reaction to the treatment.  Just be sure that you make sure your waxer is aware that you are currently pregnant so that you can be positioned comfortably and safely while the aesthtician ensures that the product goes on smoothly.  Make sure that the day before your intended wax day you prep your skin with gentle exfoliation and moisturizer.  This will help the wax to peel from your skin more easily and be ready with post-wax soothers such as a cold compress, aloe vera gel or unrefined coconut oil to help soothe any redness or inflammation.

So, there you have it.  Most of these fun and relaxing treatments are safe or can be made safe for you to enjoy while you are pregnant!  So why not come in, relax and let us pamper you!  If you are pregnant and looking for some needed me time before baby arrives, or if you just know someone who could use so pregnancy pampering, contact us today to schedule your visit to Bella Nani Salon and Day Spa!  Or purchase a gift certificate here!