If you love the idea of naturalistic healing and being in touch with your best self then you may have heard of Reiki.

But do you know that it can be used in conjunction with traditional medical therapies? Reiki is becoming a very popular way to destress and find yourself once more as well as help you find your best and healthiest self! Reiki is not a magic pill nor will it make you better in just one visit but it is a great way to start feeling better about yourself right away. Isn't it time for some "You Time"?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that helps with stress reduction and relaxation and helps to promote healing.  It is important to note that it will PROMOTE healing but will not actually heal.  Reiki is performed by an attuned practitioner in a "laying of hands" session.  This is done as it is based on life force energy being passed from the practitioner to the person receiving the treatment.  The word itself is comprised of Rei- which means "God's wisdom or the higher power" and Ki- meaning "life force energy".  Therefore Reiki actually means "spiritually guided life force energy".  This does not mean that any particular religion is employed while in a Reiki session nor will the practitioner push their religious/spiritual beliefs  upon the person receiving the energy.  It is simply known that the practitioner calls upon a higher power above them to channel the energy needed to perform the session.

What does Reiki feel like when I am in a session?

This can be hard to determine for every person who asks for a session.  What one person feels to the next varies depending on many factors.  Most people say that they feel a warm glowing radiance flowing through and around their body.  Reiki will help a person to find healing throughout their body including their emothions, mind and spirit by creating relaxation and stress release and promoting peace, a feeling of security and wellbeing.  This is NOT a replacement for medical treatment but will work in conjunction with traditional medical procedures by promoting recovery by way of helping to relieve any side effects.

How does Reiki work?

It is known that we are alive because life force flows through every person on earth.  This life force flows through pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis.  It also flows through what is known as an aura which is outside of the body.  The life force that we are describing nourishes the organs and cells of the body therefore supporting vital functions.  Life force is known to be responsive to thoughts and feelings and can become disrupted when one starts to believe any negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves.  This acceptance of beliefs of ourselves will then disrupt the flow of life force and vital function of organs causing you to be unwell and need to seek medical attention.  We ALWAYS recommend that you consult your physician if you feel that there is a vital organ or illness that needs treatment as Reki is not a curative treatment but will promotehealing.  A Reiki practitioner cannot replace the importance of seeing your regular physician for major health concerns but rather work in conjunction to help ease your stress and promote wellness.

Reiki works by flowing through all of the chakras, meridians and nadis as well as organs and cells and removes this negative energy and charges the body with positive energy.  This positive energy raises the vibratory level of the energy field helping to "shake off" the negative energy from the internal and external energy fields that are effected.  In doing this the positive Reiki energy will clear, straighten and heal the pathways this energy flows through and allowing the life force energy flow to become healthy and natural once again.

Can Reiki cause harm?

Reiki can NEVER cause harm.  It is known that it cannot be misused as it can only be used to promote health and healing  This is energy that is channeled from a higher power also know as being God-consciousness.  This does not mean that it follows any particular dogma or belief system just that the practitioner recognizes that the energy that they channel to flow through them is not man generated and pure in it's purpose to promote healing and wellbeing.  This is a benefit for the receiver of this energy as the energy being channeled always knows what is needed and where it is needed.  This is important because it is never directed by the practitioner therefore is never harmful to the receiver.  Because the ego of the practitioner is not involved in the session it is easier for the presence of God to shine through therefore allowing the session to promote health, wellness, relaxation and reduction of stress.

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