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March 5, 2019
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May 1, 2019

Self care with a true connection to self…

Spring has sprung…and with that comes a natural detox within and with-out the body. A symptom of covered and heated skin from winter clothes and indoor heat is super dry and crepe skin. Stiffer muscles and an over feeling of “I need that sunshine on me”.

One Ayurvedic tool that has been tried and tested with amazing results is Abhyanga. This is a self-massage in which you apply and massage in a therapeutic herbed natural oil into all parts of the body and scalp. Wait a few minutes then shower or bathe in warm water. You can also apply oil to hands, scalp and feet before sleep.

This calms the nerves and quells the Vata Dosha (dry air element in the body) and leaves you feeling invigorated, and foster self-love and a sense of gratefulness for the temple your soul resides in. Its effect are smooth skin, diminished appearance of cellulite and crepe and moisturized healthy skin. Done daily before bathing and then a few times a week throughout out the year and coupled with a healthy intake of water and non-caffeine beverages, such as nourishing herbal teas, create an internally balanced environment for natural detoxification in the lymph and kidneys, as well as an outer glow like no other.

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Author, Antoinette Di Mascio
Organic Stylist, Herbalist, Yoga teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner at Bella Nani