Sorella Spa and Wellness has a long list of services created to heal and soothe each client walking in our doors from body to mind.

We are always expanding our current services and adding new to meet all needs.


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Sorella Signature Services

Sorella Signature Hair Service

For our signature hair service you will be getting a wash, conditioning treatment, haircut, blow dry, and the jar of conditioning treatment to take home! The treatment we use is soulfood by Amika. It’s perfect for all hair types, color safe, keratin safe, cruelty free, and vegan. It’s free from parabens, sulfates, and gluten! With ingredients like jojoba seed oil and sea buckthorn it’s great for adding extra moisture to your hair. Also it smells great! $90

Sorella Signature Nail Treatments 

Signature Nail Services - Enjoy an experience of aromatherapy and relaxation that will bring instant calm to your skin and mind.  Organic, dead sea salt  and a creamy milk soak is combined in this treatment for an unforgettable service.  The sea salt is used to soothe upset skin, reduce inflammation and swelling as the milk proteins help nourish your skin.  Your treatment will include a unique blend of sea salt, relaxing essential oils, seasonal herbs/fruit, mineral milk soak, callus work, cuticle nourishment, filing, shaping and trimming. Our handcrafted aromatherapy dead seal salt scrub enhanced with Vitamin E and sweet almond oils is used to exfoliate, stimulate and soften your skin. An in depth massage with a warm Ayurvedic oil will provide muscle and joint relief utilizing targeted herbs while hydrating your skin. Then warm scented towels are applied. Your service ends with a beautiful polish application. $75 Pedicure/$50 Manicure

Sorella Signature Massage

Take a deep breath and prepare to let your worries melt away during our sixty minute full body Swedish massage with an aroma compliment. Our Signature Massage Service is designed to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and recharged. We'll begin with a scalp massage to allow your mind to rest as your body begins to settle into our cushioned and heated massage table. Your session will conclude with a foot massage including an exfoliating scrub and hot towels. $110

Sorella Signature Facial
An invigorating treatment customized to your concerns  using handcrafted oils paired with a targeted facial massage using either the jade facial massage roller or a rose quartz facial massage roller for optimized benefits and results. $100

Signature Ayurvedic Oil Treatment 
Steep yourself in an Ancient Sacred Vedic beauty and wellness tradition. Come experience this signature service! Dr. Antoinette’s  Ayurvedic oil treatment is amazing! Experience warm therapeutic herbal oil from India massaged into scalp, facial and neck areas as well as appendages and feet. Reflex and mama points are worked on to release tension throughout the body.  Dr. Antoinette’s custom energy healing techniques are applied, along with sacred mantras chanted and sung over you to create healing for all senses and get you in the “Naad!”( cosmic universal vibration of love, healing and creation) -While the therapeutic oil specifically mixed to match your body type is gently massaged into the skin. To top off this amazing treatment, crystals, other essential oils, and other healing tools are used to create an experience like no other. All while lying on a warm heated wool bed. Enjoy the calming music as well as a singing bowl chakra alignment. If you’re looking for a beauty treatment that goes well beyond the skin and deep into the soul this is it. $95

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