Hildegardian Wellness Program
at Sorella Spa & Wellness

A spirit driven, nature based beauty and wellness healing program!
All sessions are created to assist with stress reduction and a healthier lifestyle
so you may live your purpose
because your purpose is beautiful

Offering 15% off for new clients to the program!


All the following services are performed by Kimberly Krizan
Personal Trainer, Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner and Licensed Nail therapist.


Body work, balancing and stress reduction:

Flex & Core Strength
This mat-based core training includes abdominal, back and hip muscles along with various stretching techniques designed to improve flexibility for all muscle groups

Family Fitness Fun
An interactive, motivated session between parent, child and siblings. Class will incorporate creative aerobic moves that encourage family bonding and fun

Age of Elegance Fitness
This class is geared to the amazing elderly community of which we call Age of Elegance. This is a program created with a variety of techniques to increase your cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance in safe, heart-healthy, gentle on your joints movements. Hand held weights, resistance bands, low-impact aerobics along with stretching and relaxation exercises are combined to create a fun experience to energize your lifestyle. A chair is available for seated or standing support

Balance and Stability
This class is designed to improve balance and stability while developing muscle awareness to assist in preventing slips and falls. Geared toward core muscle training, lower back and legs

Personal Training
$85/session or 6 sessions for $480
Specialized one-on-one sessions that are personalized, tracked and reflected upon
periodically to maximize the achievement of objectives created together by the trainer
and client. Sessions are focused on wellness and growth relating to the specific goals of
our client with individualized plans for achieving their fitness goals in weight loss, muscle
toning and stress relief. Helping to motivate and assist with the core belief that healthy
habits begin by building a strong and healthy mind. Each program is tailored to each
client's needs with attainable goals in a safe and effective manner.
For all levels from beginner to pro.

Small Group Sessions
$42/pp or 10 sessions for $350
Fitness performed in a group setting consisting of 2 or more clients. Classes are
created in an uplifting, musically inspired format geared to improve overall fitness and
health utilizing a variety of total body conditioning that involves both strength and cardio
exercise. Designed to change periodically to target and encompass any and all forms of
fitness and all major muscles groups in a variety of ways. Kimberly utilizes a mix of free
weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, light weights, steps and BOSU balls. uplifting
way towards improving their overall fitness and health

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki is a very
specific form of energy healing, in which hands are placed just off the body or lightly
touching the body, as in “laying on of hands” to encourage emotional and physical
healing” The intention is to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain,
and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing. This technique is used to help
you alleviate pain, create a shift in your life while learning how to increase your overall
wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Distance Reiki
30 minutes $45 (longer sessions upon request)
Reiki can also be done “long-distance,” as a form of prayer. the practitioner is seeking to
transmit Universal Life Energy to the client. Distance Reiki can be sent to anyone,
anywhere and at any time, however, permission is needed by both the client to be
received. Kimberly may work with various items such as a photo, healing crystal,
questionnaire or a simple phone call to get started. At times these items are not always
necessary as Reiki energy can be sent by simply by directing thoughts and energy to
the client.

Restorative Therapy
30 min $80/1 hr $160
Experience Reiki and Massage at the same time. Kimberly and a skilled LMT will work
on your well being at the same time! This amazing session will foster well being
through the body. Calm the mind and elevate the spirit using specialized essential oil
blends. Balance chakras, and restore energetic pathways in the body, as well as relax
muscles and release body tension. A great compliment to any detox, or healthy
lifestyle shift. Great for physical or emotional trauma healing and restoration.


Beauty and Stress Reduction

Aromatherapy Pedicure with Paraffin Hand treatment $95
Aromatherapy is a therapeutic tool that is designed to impact your mind, body, spirit by
engaging your sense of smell. The use of essential oils creates an aromatic experience
that offers a whole host of important benefits for your entire being. Your pedicure will
start with a paraffin treatment for the hands and then you will relax and enjoy an aroma
soak that will purify and detox your feet with natural oils, sea salts and fresh herbs/fruit
to help prep and cleanse the skin. Then relax and enjoy our special aromatherapy sea
salt scrub enhanced with Vitamin E and sweet almond oils to exfoliate the skin and
stimulate circulation. End with an in depth foot and leg massage with our handcrafted
body balm infused with nourishing goodies and essential oils that will eliminate rough
dry skin and relieve sore, tired feet while keeping you richly moisturized. Scented hot
towels and polish finish this luxurious treatment

Aromatherapy Manicure $45
Enjoy our traditional manicure with an essential oil treat. A warm peppermint and lemon
soak starts off this experience using fresh lemon sliced lemons to increase circulations
and cleanse the hands and nails. A stimulating hand massage using our handcrafted
body butter will ease tension, bring relief to tried hands and ailments and energize and
enhance your mood. Scented Hot towel and polish finish this lovely delight.
Cleansing and Intuitive Card Readings:

Up to 1500 sq feet $250
1500-3000 sq feet $400
3000 plus $550
Intuitive Card Reading
30 min $40
1 hr $80

Workshops &Group Sessions
Various Young Entrepreneurs Classes
Group sessions dedicated to helping our young adults gain insight and skills for
leadership, self-confidence, kindness and goal setting. All classes are personalized after
a brief meeting of the minds to ensure needs are met

Mom & Daughter Classes
These days there is not enough together time for parents and children. These
workshops help mothers and daughters not only discover quality time, but help to
rediscover their inner-beauty and create much needed time together. These classes are
simply time set aside with fun activities, helping to create connections in hectic times,
working together to self manage daily lives successfully to live with happiness, joy and
less stress. These classes can be done with just one mom and daughter or in a group.
All classes are personalized after a brief meeting of the minds to ensure needs are met

Brownie/Girl Scout Power
Group sessions helping troops to gain certain badges needed throughout the year

**Kimberly offers many more workshops and classes from Mom on the Go, Daddy and
Me hair care, Starting Strong, Self-Care/Stress Management and more. Please reach
out to her for more information.

Corporate Wellness Programs
Contact us today to set up a workshop or sessions at your workplace:
● Mindfulness
● Yoga
● Fitness Sessions
● Wellness
● Staff Appreciation
*Pre-registration and payment required for all workshops and group sessions*

All the following services are performed by  Dr. Antoinette DiMascio, Ph.D.
E-RYT 500 Certified Yoga and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Licensed
Cosmetologist and Aesthetician.

Yoga for stress reduction, body strengthening, lifestyle shifts

Chakra Clearing Brazilian Wax
In this therapeutic waxing session, hair is removed in the bikini area with herbal wax, and the area is then bathed in hot herbal packs with post epilation herbal oils. Leave feeling clean and cleansed, more grounded and clear and confident as a woman. This wellness therapy releases energetic blocks in the root chakra (lowest energetic center of the body), allowing for a sense of healing, clearing, opening and renewal like no other!

45min- $85

Ear Candling
A specially made medicated hollow candle is placed gently into the seat of the ear opening. Client is lying on a heated bed covered and comfortable. Soft music is played as the excess fluid and wax from the ear is slowly and gently removed via the heat cortex created inside the ear candle. *Immediate results* $45

Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
4 session packages $385-
Or $125 for first session - $85 additional sessions
Work one on one with an experienced compassionate yoga teacher.
For all levels of practitioner or beginners. Learn how to create a shift in your life, alleviate pain,
gain control over your wellness, tone and strengthen mind , body and spirit!

Yoga to Heal
4 session packages available $385
or $125 for first session- $85 additional session
Private session to assist in healing from emotional, or physical loss or trauma. Meditation and
physical postures for all levels of practitioners or beginners to facilitate true mind body and
spirit healing.

Wellness, Lifestyle, Weight-loss, Boost Immunity
• Detoxing
• Feminine wellness
• Male wellness
• Sleep problems
• Weight Loss
• Anxiety
• Stress management
• Cancer Support
• Lyme Support
• Better Health
• Chronic condition support
• Pain management

Herbal/Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation
4 session packages available $385
Private wellness session with an experienced community herbalist- for those interested in
incorporating herbal remedies into their wellness program.
Perfect for those with chronic medial issues, or those seeking complimentary treatments to
support their emotional and physical needs.
Ayurvedic Consultations
$125 for first session $85/session thereafter
An Ancient sister science of Yoga for wellness and healthily lifestyle.

**Antoinette incorporates ancient techniques using herbs, and oils, customized to each individuals
needs, this is a truly remarkable add on to any service Antoinette Offers.

Herbal/Wellness Consultation
$50 for 30 min /$85 for 60 min
30 or 60 minute consultation session for overall wellness, learn about herbal usage pertaining to
specific things you are experiencing and get recommendations on usage of teas, supplements
and herbs into your daily life style.

Stress Reduction, Body Energy Balancing

Gemstone Therapy/ Energy Medicine Session $75
This session incorporates the art of balancing chakras, and the energetic system in the body,
enhanced with natural gemstone from the earth for optimal results.
This type of therapy is wonderful for overall wellness, and can assist in facilitating the body to
better cope with any disease or stresses the client may be currently experiencing. This is a
great therapy that compliments any wellness program.

R&R Session
$85/session with customized essential oil blend
Reiki and Reflexology session. Perfect to balance out the energetics of the body. Gemstone
healing techniques used, for an amazing healing experience that you participated in! Great for
immunity boost, and those experiencing emotional, physical trauma, or just need to feel back
in balance and learn to reduce stress. Can be added to pedicures too!
Beauty and stress reduction:

Ayurvedic Oil Treatment
Custom Blended herbs and oils, are massaged into the body for this
luxurious skin treatment, can alleviate muscle tightness, dry skin, stress and anxiety, assist in
bodily function and support for overall immune system wellness.

Ayurvedic Facial
Using hot towels, organic handcrafted skin products and gemstone touch therapy, tone and
renew skin and overall well being, includes massage of scalp, ears, neck and shoulders as well
as hands.

Ayurvedic Pedicure with hand massage
Indulge in this amazing relaxation treatment for your hands, legs and feet with Gemstones,
Ayurvedic oils, Herbal foot soak, and Reflexology are used to stimulate healing and relaxation in
the body.

Scalp massage
$60/ Add $20 Wash and Style
30 minute session to foster increase circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. Nerve stimulation
and customized Ayurvedic oils will be used to create a health environment for your scalp.
Client will leave with a 12 oz oil blend to use at home.

Workshops & Group Sessions:

Herbal Classes
Group learning session to better understand herbs and learn to incorporate their usage into everyday
life. Improve your health and the health of your family and loved ones!
Learn simple yet effective herbal remedies and beauty products you can make at
home! Class fees and times TBD

Wake the Wise Women!
Gemstone meditation and intention rituals held monthly
Third Thursday of each month Pre-registration required.
Starting Online, October 2020

Corporate Wellness Programs
Contact us today to set up a workshop of sessions at your workplace:
• Mindfulness
• Yoga
• Wellness
• Meditation
*Pre-registration and payment required for all workshops and group sessions*