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We all know that upstate NY in the summer equates to major humidity in the summer.  What do you do if your hair is frizzy?  Do you just deal with it or can you style it out?  Well, the first step is admitting that your hair may be dry or damaged and then work with your stylist on how to correct these possible problems.  We went in search of a great resource to share with you to help if you are one of our frizzy haired friends and we came up with this great article from  We hope that you enjoy this article and the great tips held within as much as we did!

Is your hair a tad too wild and hard to manage? If so, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from frizzy hair and it can sometimes seem impossible to fix. It doesn’t have to be though. You can tame your hair and smooth out even the toughest frizz if you care for it properly.

What causes frizzy hair?

Frizz is mainly a result of damage or dryness. Really dry hair feels rough and is significantly more prone to frizz than hair that has adequate moisture levels. If you have frizz, it’s likely you have some degree of dryness, and it’s this dryness that is causing the problem.

Damaged hair also leads to frizz because the hair’s internal structure is weakened and it’s unable to hold onto moisture properly. Treating the dryness isn’t enough in this case. In order to eliminate frizzy hair, you need to repair the damage that has occurred. If you repair dry damaged hair, the dryness you’re experiencing will mostly disappear along with the damage.

Of course, some hair is simply prone to frizz even if you don’t suffer from dryness or have damage to the hair structure. In this case, the hair is usually responding to the humidity or isn’t being styled properly. If your hair reacts badly to humidity or just seems to frizz up for no reason, styling it differently is the best way to treat the problem. A few changes to your styling routine will tame frizzy hair and keep it looking smooth even when the humidity outside is extreme.

Styling frizzy hair

Frizzy hair needs to be styled differently to keep it looking smooth and minimize fly aways. In particular, your hair will respond well to leave-in conditioners, hair serums, and straightening with a flat iron. Even a curling rod will tame frizzy hair when used properly.

Styling your hair begins right after you wash it. If you’re accustomed to allowing your hair to air dry over several hours, this is a practice to actually avoid when your hair is really frizzy. Air drying removes less moisture from your hair compared to a blow dryer, but the constant movement of your wet hair causes frizz to build up.

The main benefit of the blow dryer is that you can partially style your hair with it, directing it down the hair in the direction of growth to smooth your hair out, section by section. The heat of the dryer is able to eliminate frizzy hair whilst you dry it, giving you a smoother foundation to work on when you move to the next phase of your styling routine. Apply a leave-in conditioner or hair serum before blow drying, and not only does your hair not lose moisture from blow drying, the cuticles are sealed and your hair will maintain moisture better than if it air dried.

Whether you use a leave-in conditioner or hair serum when blow drying your hair is completely up to you. For really dry hair, a leave-in conditioner will supply more moisture, but a hair serum can’t be beat for shine, frizz reduction, and protection from humidity. Hair serums also protect your hair from the heat of blow dryers and heat styling tools. You can combine the two products if you like though, using the leave-in conditioner before blow drying your hair and the hair serum before straightening or curling. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Blow drying frizzy hair

In order to eliminate frizzy hair, you need to use a blow dryer systematically. Simply ruffling it through your hair leads to far more frizz than air drying. Before you even begin, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair serum and brush your hair gently with a flat brush. Your blow dryer should be held above your head, pointing downwards, rather than to the side or below. Holding it like this seals the cuticles and smooths the hair. Using it the other way around will frizz the hair up as if you scrunched it.

From this point onwards, you can either use your hands to move your hair, or a flat brush. A brush will give you the smoothest results and tame frizzy hair better than your hands, but you need to be comfortable holding and using both the brush and blow dryer at the same time to do this. If you haven’t quite mastered the technique, it is perfectly fine to just use your hands. The main thing is to hold the blow dryer downwards and move it from the root of a section to the tips whilst using your hands to smooth along the hair and prevent it from flying up due to the air movement.

When blow drying hair this way, you can choose to either just dry it freehand or section it as you go. If you want to section it, dry the bottom layers of your hair first, sectioning and moving up as you complete each layer until you reach the top of your head. Regardless of technique, a useful tip to tame frizzy hair is to switch the blow dryer to cold air after you finish a section. This sets the hair by cooling it down so it stays smooth.

You will notice a significant reduction of frizz just by using a leave-in conditioner and blow dryer in this way, and for some people this will be enough to stop frizzy hair in its tracks. If you have really frizzy hair, you will need to straighten it to eliminate the majority of it.

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