Finally we’re starting to see a change in the weather!
June 1, 2019
Last Minute Waves-Enjoy the Ride
August 5, 2019

Hello friends! Yes I believe summer is finally here and we should all make the best of what is ahead. As the summer solstice has beckoned, the sun is the center right now. So now is the time to center yourself, your hearts and find your creative, fun source within you.

Let go of the “busy-ness” and give praise for the abundance of what is around. Now is the time for play, to reconnect with your children, your loved ones, yourself.  Find a local beach. There are so many wonderful spots within just miles for us to enjoy a day in the sun. Be sure to wear your sunscreen and take care of your body with lots of water!

Find those Farmers markets and rejoice in the hard work from your local farmers as their crops bestow the glorious abundance of delicious veggies and luscious berries. Then plan a family meal with all hands on deck!  Have your littles help to prepare it as well!

Take in the long spells of summer days and the lasting sunshine with simple things like running through a sprinkler, throwing a ball around or drawing with chalk on your driveways. End the nights chasing fire flies or with smores and glow sticks by a campfire (Dollar General has a whole section of glow sticks), playing card games and reconnect with the family unit.

Oh the wonderful memories yet to be made with this amazing season of summer! Meditate on what lies ahead for you and see what comes to be. The opportunities are limitless.


Author~Kimberly Krizan

Owner Bella Nani, Co-Creator Hildegardian Wellness Program, Nail Therapist/Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Personal Trainer