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January 7, 2020
April 3, 2020
We are MOVING!! 

SPRING IS HERE!  And we have exciting news!!  


We are MOVING!!  We are expanding our lovely Day Spa into a Spa and Wellness center focusing on creating spirit driven, nature  based beauty and wellness healing programs for our communities to help more people from the inside out. 


Not only is that exciting news, here we are in March which is one of my favorite months of the year.  Even though it can still be quite unstable with its weather, some days are full of birdsong and signs of growth while cool and frosty nights may still occur where we can cuddle up with blankets with loved ones.


I cannot resist March’s overall cheerfulness and symbol of hope for things to come. I am sure you have read about the concept of slow living. I am in love with this idea and little by little I have been adding small forms of slow living into my daily routine.  


As I have been learning and doing my research, It has become clear that what I see emerging is all the interesting ways people describe their own versions of slow living. Telling me that Slow living is based on our own individual creation, a lifestyle choice of our own.  No right or wrong way to do it as long as you find your own version of slow living to help you to live in a more balanced, meaningful, and life-affirming way.

Here are some awesome ways I have found to start (or continue) your slow living life is this:

~Slow living is a life philosophy, a state of mind and being, a reflective approach, and methodical process to daily life

~Slow living is nourishing, savoring the minutes instead of counting them

~Slow living is holistic, timeless, and based on ancient wisdom and spirituality

~Slow living is about pacing, being steady and consistent

~Slow living is taking a long-term view of your own life and the world around you

~Slow living is about well-being and doing everything as well as possible instead of as fast as possible

~Slow living is conscious, intentional, mindful, and living deeply

~Slow living is an organic and natural way of living

~Slow living is balance, ease, sanity, and low stress

~Slow living is connection with yourself, those around you, and the world


 My hope with this creation of the wellness programs and workshops is that it inspires each of you to live a more fulfilling, healthy life where we combine the wisdom of the past with a vision for the future to ensure a balanced way of life for all generations to come.


Love and Be Well my friends! 

Author~Kimberly Krizan

Owner Bella Nani,
Co-Creator Hildegardian Wellness Program,
Nail Therapist/Artist,
Reiki Practitioner and Personal Trainer
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