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January 7, 2020
We are MOVING!! 
March 15, 2020


Mine is Mindfulness – Daily Mindfulness. Mindfulness for Wellness.  For feeling fantastic, living well and being well. Seeing clearly and with focus!! How will I do this you ask? By taking small steps every day.  Attainable steps so that I do not beat myself up for not doing what I set out to do. By choosing small tasks daily you set yourself up for success. You will gain a sense of calm, joy and focus that will give you clear compassion for yourself. That’s right, yourself, not others because let’s face it, we need to take care of us first, then we can successfully take care of others, our careers, the earth and whatever this year will bring. Which if we play our “mindfulness” right, will be happiness, success and well-being.

Here are 4 things you may want to start out with
or will help you create your own small steps from:

  1. Move and stretch- The first hour or so of the day should be your most mindful part of the day. Establish an intentional behavior routine. Create a new habit, which will become your new norm.  For example, upon waking, stand up and stretch. Wake up that body. Simple, small stretches will get your body ready for the day. Also, you don’t always have to get to a gym, rather think about things you can do in your day to be more active. Plan your day this first hour, meditate for 10 minutes then review your days calendar. Plan to park a bit farther than normal to your destination so you can walk more. Take the stairs. Set a timer for Self care. Periodically stretch in your seat at work/during the day.   
  2. Listen and look-Basically be present. Don’t just go through the movements. Like in kindergarten we learned to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Especially with your significant other, your children and yourself. Take inventory of what you are doing throughout your days and pay attention for signs of stress in others around you and yourself and then take a moment to breathe or stretch or talk with those who are stressed.  Even a simple hug, (self hugs are awesome) can help you or someone to re-focus and keep going.
  3. Go off line-This will NOT be the end of the world, I promise! Take some time to step away from your electronics. Put your phone down.  Set a time at night to go offline and stick to it. This may seem pretty basic but for some of us it is something we need to make a conscious effort to do. So get a plan and start to put the computer and phone away at least an hour before bed.
  4. Breath – End the day with the 4-7-8 technique. Take a deep cleansing breath before bed.  and then breath deep and slow for the count of 4, hold that breath for a count of 7 and then make a whooshing sound, exhaling your breath for a count of 8. It will help reduce anxiety and help you get to sleep easier. For more info look up Dr Weil and read more about this amazing technique.


So Forget all New Year’s resolutions (who keeps those anyway?) Instead, create your own fresh perspective on your 2020 vision starting now by creating good habits. Good habits are formed and honestly easier to keep, by repetition.
Start repeating today & let’s all see clearly and with focus in 2020!

Love, Live and Be Well my friends!

Author~Kimberly Krizan
Owner Bella Nani,
Co-Creator Hildegardian Wellness Program,
Nail Therapist/Artist,
Reiki Practitioner and Personal Trainer