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Cold winds are blowing and the snow is falling.  We are sure that right about now you are trying to assess your winter skincare and wondering where you may be failing your skin.  Well, the good news is that winter skincare is not overly difficult.  With a few easy adjustments to your routine, you can be on your way to beautiful and well cared for skin.

Winter Skincare Tips for Your Best Skin!

Drink More Water

This is no different than any other time of year.  8 glasses of water per day is the recommendation for proper hydration.  This time of year drinking your water is an essential part of your winter skincare regime because it will help keep your skin hydrated and this is super important when the heat in your home gets cranked up.  The increase of heat in your home strips both the air and your skin of moisture and this will cause you to see flaky dry skin.  Drinking your daily intake of water is going to help you to battle this!

Add a Humidifier

If you add a humidifier to your home you will also be adding moisture to your air.  When you add moisture to your hair you give your skin a chance!  We understand that you can purchase a humidifier that will work for the whole home but this can be an expensive purchase.  However, if you simply purchase one that you place in your bedroom and let it run all night, you will be giving your skin a HUGE advantage!

Avoid Hot Water

We get it, on a cold day you may dream of taking that hot steamy bath that heats you to your soul.  However, hot water is extremely drying to the skin.  The best thing to do when you are home is to cleanse your face with warm water that is just hot enough to open your pores so that you can wash away the dirt or dead skin.  You want to be sure that the water is not too hot to avoid making a bad situation worse or cause the appearance of rosacea.  We also recommend that after you wash your face, whether in the sink or in the shower, pat your face almost dry then apply moisturizer when your skin is slightly damp to help lock in the moisture.

Skip Fragrance

If a product that you are interested in trying is heavy with fragrance, avoid it!  You skin is already more sensitive and irritated due to the cold, putting these chemicals on your skin will only make the problem worse.  Trust us, cracked dry skin is not fun and adding products that are heavily fragranced will only make the drying and cracking worse!

Exfoliate With Caution

You look in the mirror and see the flaky skin so you reach for the exfoliator with hopes of removing the offensive flakes.  We hate to inform you of this but you are only making it worse!  You see, your skin is already starving for moisture and trying to rub the flakes off with exfoliation can make your skin super raw and sensitive.  We are not saying to just not exfoliate but to make sure that when you choose a product, choose one that has a fine grainy texture and gently buff the skin rather than trying to rub it in aggressively.  Also, once a week is more than enough to get rid of your trouble spots.

Assess Your Moisturizer

The last at home piece of advise that we can give you is to make sure you have the right type of moisturized for this time of year.  In the summer it is acceptable to use a lighter moisturized due the the amount of moisture in the air already.  In the winter you want to choose a moisturized that is a little heavier.  The reasoning is that you need to find a great moisturizer that will really penetrate all layers of your skin to provide that all important hydration.

Winter Skincare in the Spa

If you have tried some of these before an had marginal improvement and you are worried that you are in for more of the same, it may be time to contact us for a spa service to give yourself a winter skincare jump-start!  We offer a variety of facials that can be a huge benefit to you and your skin.  From enzymes to deeply penetrating moisture masks, we have multitudes of solutions.  The very best part is that we can also customize a facial for you to help your particular situation.

Even better is scheduling a dermaplaning service!  This is the Rolls Royce of facials as it is a facial plus and enzyme to loosen the dead skin.  Then our aesthetician uses a surgical blade in a shaving motion to remove the dead skin and the peach fuzz type of hair from your face.    This is followed by a deeply moisturizing mask to help hydrate the newly revealed skin.  This process is pain free and sooooo good for your skin!  You will see major benefits such as your skin tone evening out due to new cell turn over and collagen production.  Also your products will be able to penetrate deeper into your skin.  This will mean that less product will go much further in helping you achieve that dewy glow that is so coveted these days!  The best part of this service, it is one of our specials for January!!  If you schedule this service in the month of January you will save $10 off of our normal price of $100+!